This one is for you...

Remember when we were still writing with pen and paper? We say to friends "please, write everyday"... some did but I couldn't write letters. Blogging is not easier, of course. Having tried social networks (and failed there too), I am daring to go to the next level. Hopefully, I can come up with chunks of words meaningful enough for you to chew when I skip a day or two.

This is for my--(not arranged in any way according to importance)
  • new blogger-friends, non-bloggers, avid blog readers who may come across my blog, please leave a note so I can visit yours or ask you to write on mine
  • high school classmates who by now ( I am absolutely sure of this) are as old as I am (give or take one year or two), as wise or even so much wiser, as adjusted  (we'd like to think we are) to the awesomeness of the 40s age group
  • closest, dearest friends (elementary to college) you know who you are but no need to stand up and be counted I am sure you feel a little embarrassed by this blog (wink) rest assured your name will not be mentioned
  • former colleagues who held my hand in good times (quota achieved) and in bad (quota ignored), listened to my jokes and made jokes about me (i lurve it!)
  • mommy friends who would rather have real-time bonding with me and kids...plan it and I will come
  • siblings and cousins who must read my posts  everyday if only to have someone to read them...have a heart, support me already
  • sisters' and brothers' friends, former board mates with whom I have not been able to chat with or say Hi to
  • my fan/hero/muse morpheus who constantly reminds me to be true to this blog's title or else... do a Sharon Stone online (so far, I have missed but we pretend to have forgotten the bet)
Drop by anytime you feel like it 'coz there could be something that you will find mildly interesting or too crazy to ignore.

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