Are You Positive About Positive Thinking?

Why are some people attracted to or interested in positive thinking while others are not? You know the answer. Right! It’s the thinking. Some believe it works while others don’t. That’s the truth staring at you right in the eye. (Don’t laugh but at this point, just like everybody else, I am fixing myself a pot of coffee while exorcising a teeny weenie bit of doubt that I can pull this article off.)

Let’s proceed anyway.  With so much literature on positive thinking, you may not want to read some more about its power or influence on people’s lives.  Go empirical. Test it.
Woman Standing in Front of Mirror (1841)
by Wilhelm Eckersber

The X Factor

Make an honest physical evaluation of yourself in the mirror. There must be something that you love about your self, something that makes you say, “Ah, this looks good.” Hold that thought and wear something to match it too. Why start with looks, do you ask? There has to be something that makes you feel good physically; if you say there is none, you are either lying or blind.

The Perpetual Resume

Write an all-time resume, one that you can give without hesitation if an investor knocks on your door and tells you “I have money to invest, tell me what you got.” Describe everything positive you have done (at work or in your profession) that you are proud of (really now, modesty aside). Include even those that you never got credit for doing or those that never saw fruition. They are yours so they should be in your book.

Do Unto Others

Think of all the positive things about people around you.  There’s got to be something special about Mr. Know-It-All who actually knows a lot of things you don’t.  And Miss Feeling-Pretty is not that by some people’s standards but she is undeniably sexy.  Your boss is uncanny and ruthless but that’s why he can keep your company’s roof above your head.  Hell yes, everybody has a good, redeeming side.

There you have it: positive self-image or self-knowledge, self-confidence, and seeing good things in people. Try them all for size for one day or longer and see the difference. What does realizing your best physical and mental assets do to the way you move? How does recognizing people’s good side affect the way you deal with them and how they relate to you? Take note that you have not yet considered what you can do; you are starting with looking at who you are first and other people. Without truly knowing these, everything else is speculation or even wishful thinking.

Now, I look at myself and say “not that bad.”  I have full lips and a strong pair of legs. I have a way with words, I have a book of ideas and I am not even done revealing chapter one yet. I understand programming, English and three other languages. I have a loving and supportive family (thank you for reading), inspiring friends (I see the thumbs up, thank you) and someone who loves me like crazy. See? I have a lot of positive things to start with. I am publishing this post, too.

What do you have there?


  1. This is very correct everyone has something positive about them selves they need to look and they will find and build on the good things. We all have good and bad things about us. For you see no one on this earth is perfect in any way or shape or form just take what is positive and build on it and the negative things will go away and when one does this he/she will have a great and rewarding life.

  2. Cool...I enjoyed reading your blog mother! :) You are very gifted.. :D

  3. nice one mancheri!!! i truly agree with you...and may i just add that smiling the moment you open your eyes each and everyday that you wake up totally adds to that positive feeling you want to attain throughout the day. fake your smile if you don't feel like it...cuz it wont take long for that smile to become genuine,sorta like you willed yourself to it.
    here's waiting for some more blogs from you mancheri! cheers!

  4. Guilty as charged. I mean, I need to smile everyday. It's contagious too.