Absence Makes My Heart Go....(Vicariously Experiencing Someone Else's Instruments)

Definitely, this is the day I feel #$%^# to the core and at loss for words to describe what's going on in my mind (if, indeed, something is going on there). With fingers on the keyboard, for now, I'm just letting the day run its course according to its own silly plans. It doesn't have any except to lure me to ride the waves of  laziness and abandon. Just this once, please I want to play, to be someone, something and somewhere else but here.

I am sitting in the last row at the back. Not clapping nor singing yet but listening to Tracy Chapman's warm voice and holding my breath at "...all that you can say" and "baby can I hold you tonight?"

"Baby Can I Hold You" from Tracy Chapman (album)

Then I'm that guy doing the moves on the right side or the handsome lady on the left with white (fedora?) hat and dark sunglasses smoothly caressing the strings.

"Give Me a Reason" from New Beginning (album)

Going slow again, I am the girl on the keyboard (minus the hair band!) plus a can of ice-cold SM beer carelessly placed under (with the possibility of wetting the wire and thereby setting the venue on fire).
"So Far Away," cover track from Bamboo's We Stand Alone Together (album)

(Still part of the roller coaster ride) Please let me be the hot strings that the guitarist plucks and tugs? No? Okay, at least let me hit, hit and hit those drums.

"Wait in Vain," cover track from Bamboo's As The Music Plays (album)

Finally, let me sit at the corner of what for me is a large-sized bomb shelter (because I don't care if everybody's bombing each other outside). I promise to just meditate on love flowing through this man's mic and guitar, and on the way he bends and swings to crazy directions with his instrument.

"Shiver" from Coldplay's Parachutes (album)

There. I am spent but with just enough juice to send this post about a curious mix of music that I go crazy with at a time like this. I am my old self once again, with not a clue about how Wednesday will end.

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