Profiling Myself as a Blogger v2

For someone who claims to be at a time in my life when I am unabashedly thoughtful and expressive enough to blog, I fail miserably at writing about myself in the context of what I want or can do with this space.

Now it’s bugging me like I am worried about the horrible possibility that I forgot to unplug the flat iron after I have already gone out of the house. Reading other bloggers’ About Me does not help. It’s like reading Weight Loss mags while you’re eating an oily donut. They seem to have everything figured out the first time they had their Internet hooked up. Anyway, just to shut up the little voices inside, I’ll give it another go for the nth time.

Maybe I want to blabber about the joys and pains of being a woman, 43 and single (attached) as if there's not enough literature on it.  TAGS: love, dating, aging, sex, marriage, other women’s mag topics 

Maybe I will recall 15 years of working like a horse, what I would have said if I was not afraid of termination and how it feels now that I’m between occupations (def.: An activity that serves as one's regular source of livelihood.) Is online work an occupation? I ‘d like to think it’s not as per tax bureau. TAGS: work, customer service, employment, career 

Perhaps I’ll write stories  (cute and otherwise) about my two boys and mis-adventures at home.  Maybe I’ll show off some micro-nuggets of technical know-how (routers, computer tables, Windows Movie Maker, etc).  TAGS: parenting, raising boys, family life, local networks 

Maybe I will fearlessly profess my love for God, family and country (always in that order) never mind the threat of ridicule and cynicism (TAGS: n/a, very personal) 

Maybe I will just write something to get some action on this blog so I get to earn enough to pay my ISP. Notice the tags/labels.

Maybe I'm just blogging to define myself to me. Pick up anything you find useful, ignore the rest.  As I read more blogs, I realize that the more personal they get, the more insights they can give me as a person.

As for the title, it started as a wager between muse and me to…well, write everyday.  Now it has turned into “write as often as I please” (once a day or the whole day, whatever).  And the bet was definitely not money (blush). 

Well, really, this is just a daily (if and only if schedule permits) postscript.

Version 1

I've always wanted to write maybe because I like thinking about a lot of things, people and meanings (funny, sad, crazy, etc.) That is where this blog is coming from. (meaning, there are so many things going on in my head they have to be written to keep me sane) 

I can't say I know much. For a long time I have been reading as many published works, talking and reading as many people as my work allowed. Now working as a freelancer, this seems like a great time for being unabashedly thoughtful and expressive.

I am 43 (at 13, I felt like 43 so now I feel like 13);

Mama of two boys (8 and 7) who call me "chika babes" sometimes complete with wet kisses while I try my best to write a post

Single but I have an extra-special someone in my life now (smile);

I do freelance work (writing, research, QA and other skills acquired in the last 15 years of working for private companies)

I am the child of parents from the South and the North in this archipelago, Philippines (I speak three local languages and have friends everywhere);

I am a sister and a daughter in a big family of 7 plus my mother.