On Being Called Mommy by an Adult and Other Reasons to Feel Old

I was looking for my unpublished article about being a call center dinosaur when the irony struck me. Geez, I have forgotten (number one age-factor-setting-in symptom) where I saved it. And it dawned on me, if there is anything my friends would like me to write it is about how it feels being old, older.

The first time a full-grown adult (not my children!) disrespectfully called me "mommy," I swear I was in my fighting stance deep inside. You know that feeling when you want to slap somebody but you hold back knowing that old ladies slap or call the police? I had those moments. Later, when I did the math, I realized I am in my early 40s and many of my peers married in their early 20s so some actually have grand children now. Math is an exact science. I know that.  
Here, I won't go into being an older mommy to 8- and 7-year old boys because that's one real good post entirely. I will not also write about working with people half my age, I have written about that already. I will find that article or reconstruct it. What I will attempt to do here is just look into age-related remarks or questions and how I feel about them.

Are You Menopausal? Doesn't this sound more like "don't lie, you're fiftyish"? It did to me! I Googled and discovered this thing happens somewhere between 45 and 50. Then I also checked the mirror. Are my skin and hair dry? Is my posture osteoporosis-like? Do people ask this question because a) I'm showing some clear menopausal signs, b) they don't know a tad about menopause, c) I look older than my age? I hear you saying (d) all of the above. Well, 45 is two years away and we don't even know what's gonna happen in 2012.  I'm cool with menopause. 

Do you still have libido? Of course, this was not how the question was asked but I am too lazy to add a warning on this site that we have an adult thing going on here. I was surprised when somebody asked this because I never foresee desire to go. Does it ever? Yes, I checked Google again and all it says is that it either goes up or down but it's not going away unless you have health problems. My theory is that the same law applies as conservation of energy. It cannot be created nor destroyed. It can only be transformed from one state to another. See? This, my friends, is the reason behind blogging frenzy at wee hours in the morning. 

Are You Becoming Senile? No, I am disorganized or I am too much of a busybody to bother taking notes about where I hid this or that. Or maybe I don't care enough. Oh, I've been forgetful all my life. When being old can pass as an excuse for not coming early to work for a meeting then who cares about being forgetful?

No, I am not suffering from the big D (in denial). I am finally growing old.  The Middle Age is here and now. Trust me, don't wait for the questions above. You will know when you're old, older or not young anymore when:
  • you feel a tinge of sadness in response to being called old (so true for me)
  • you run for dear life to the drugstore to avail of the latest promo for Vitamin E and other age-defying concoctions (like a death-defying stunt)
  • you go to the hospital often for check-up (not that you're sick, you're just more health-conscious)
  • you only use soap with a huge amount of moisturizer (never mind if it makes your face shine like a reflector)
  • you eat less fat, more soft food 
  • you go ballistic when hearing loud music or riding a taxi that's going a little too fast
  • you keep your alcohol consumption down but you love wine
  • you're bolder, feeling more authoritative than ever before (calling the manager if they don't deliver your order one minute after they said they would)
Enough said. I'm feeling like Karen Carpenter crooning that I am "talking to myself and feeling old."

I've decided to grow old with grace and poise like Helen Mirren and other "Calendar Girls" cast as well as the original group. 

There, old lady. You only have one body; enjoy it for whatever purpose it serves and while it lasts.

Photo courtesy of Mail Online.


  1. how's your libido anyway? hehehe...wla kc sagot dun eh. well at some point nkakarelate din ako mancher. all these signs and symptoms you've enumerated, nagsisimula yan sa early 30s. well, women do age like wine anyway...ms tumatagal, mas sumasarap hehe :)


  2. I did. I answered that. I said I have re-channeled it to blogging.

    So I blog the wee hours away.

  3. I agree with Gladys, it's true...they begin as early as the 30s and even some of my friends in their late 20s are starting to experience those things.

    Yes I so agree with all the symptoms mentioned...I can only smile how true they are for me. But 2 of the above-mentioned symptoms are more common than the rest:

    - you start to have second thoughts when answering questions about how old you are. Will you say your real age or not? (And all along you had this imagination that you are 5-10 years younger than your real age)

    - you start to think of going to the doctor more often. One day you have too much headache, the next you have backaches and all other body aches in the dictionary, your blood pressure shoots up, you get exhausted easily with just climbing some few steps and so on and so forth. Years ago, none of these things bothered you.

    And true indeed, the changes you experience in your body may be undeniable and just needs a little more attention. But for me, the worse thing about getting older is when someone calls you names meant only for the elders, weddings where you are chosen to be the sponsor and not the bridesmaid. That I can guarantee is your proof of being in that age group. LOL Just my opinion.