I Don't Like Flowers But....

Somebody out there will hate me for this because she probably feels the way I do...or I did. Look around the Net and you will find many women who proclaim they don't like flowers. Same here. I've never wanted flowers nor envied ladies who got them. I usually just want chocolates that I buy. Here's the part where flower-haters or dislikers will dislike me--I like flowers after all. Wait, let me be specific. I like those that arrive in a box or a bouquet with a small card bearing my name from someone special.

There. What a relief! In the past, I would celebrate annual flower-bashing on Valentine's Day (of all the days in the calendar).  I'd rant about how boring flowers are and what a waste of money buying them. That's me and totally in character.

 Before you dismiss me as a fraud or wishy washy girl, consider my long history of not liking this and that and then changing my mind. Perhaps there is a moral lesson here.

Me in high school ('85). I wore glasses
but photographer removed it
because of the reflection
Back in high school, I was lazily reading Harold Robins' "Carpet Baggers" while most of my peers were making a fuss over their dresses and hair for the Junior-Senior's Prom. His book was my date at the prom. No kidding. Nobody makes these things up. If only they still remember, I do have witnesses.

Fast forward to college. I got elected (by default) to secretary for freshmen, the college of engineering and architecture. Why a previously unknown student filed for candidacy is another story. Wall Flower of Batch 85 became Maniac on the (dance) Floor. Whoa! I could dance and I like dancing so much that I would literally climb windows to go to the only disco club in town.

Some people change. Some people don't see themselves doing certain things. Some people don't like things they don't have or things they never tried. I didn't like having my picture taken, wearing a gown, watching soap operas and being involved in church activities. Truth be told, I remember making fun of friends who like them. Look at me now smelling the roses. I also follow some shows on TV and love my regular BEC meetings. You can say I am as stereotype as they come.

Unconventional, unique and different were my favorite words for my profiles until I discovered there are as many people who call themselves different as those who say they are just like anybody else. Does it really matter? Every person is unique. What a cliche! However, the last time I checked, even human cloning cannot create an exact copy of an individual.

So how would you feel if you get flowers on Valentine's Day? Do you even like flowers? If the answer to the second question is yes, good for you if you get one otherwise just go and buy yourself some. There's nothing wrong with it as long as you're proud to say it's from yourself. If your answer is "hell no!" then good luck to the guy who will send you a bud or two. If you're a guy who likes flowers but you're dating a lady who doesn't like them, I don't know what to say. Maybe get what she really wants and then add some blossoms to say "this one is from me who likes daisies."

Some of us women can appreciate a fancy dinner date but are also cool with a quick trip to McDonald's. We are just as happy with donuts and coffee in bed while reading a newspaper. I don't feel bad if I don't get flowers on Valentine's Day (remember? I didn't like them before) but I get upset if I don't get to see my man at all on special days or the day before or after.

Yesterday, when the long box arrived with white roses I couldn't help feeling a little warmer all over and happier. Hello! This is me now. I also like wearing a gown and posing for Kodak moments occasionally.

(Yeah, corny post! You may want to read this also: my first poem as a flower lover).

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