Some of Us Do Not Like These on Facebook

Nobody…or no social network is perfect. I am being defensive, yes I admit (no! Facebook don’t kick me out just yet!), but these are just observations that could translate into new lines of code to improve the site or a change in social behavior online.  I have to confess that I am or we are borderline FB addict/s in spite of these minor irritations. I am still and will be an FB worm until somebody comes up with a better idea. In fairness, I have so many times tried to kick the habit but I could not.  Thanks to my FB friends, I keep coming back for more comments, likes and status updates.

I see you have added another friend. Add me already! Here I am trying to add this person as a Facebook friend and have confidently sent a request. Months have passed and I have NOT been added yet.  Okay, we are not meant for each other. But why, oh why, am I getting notifications that the object of my friendly advances has added new friends?

No vendors allowed inside. Look I see a new line of shirts, bags, shoes, and what have you as a tagged photo. Haven’t you seen the Create a Facebook Official Page? Sign up, get it done with and invite others to Like or join your group. That way you can use Facebook’s best resources to market your product.

Do I have 3 new notifications or just one? Ever felt your heart beat faster when you saw a higher number on your Facebook tab? And then when you click you’re not sure if you actually had many or just one.  Somebody should tweak the program so new notifications are highlighted.

Off-Topic Comment or Pairing Up You and friends are talking about somebody’s comment but here I come talking about something else and then I say “hi!” to somebody in the thread and then we pair up exchanging our own little off-topic remarks. Been there, done that. Guilty as charged. Imagine this happening while you are in real social gathering. Solution? Simply go to that person’s Facebook account, click Add a Message and chitchat exclusively.

Washing one’s dirty linen on Facebook Have you ever read an embarrassing family matter discussed on FB? A virtual social network is still a network (read: public). What is worse is that, because it allows friends to read and comment, somebody’s gonna get embarrassed real bad…and angry too. Even a friend from across the globe cannot help feeling awkward reading that.

This is not to say I have never done any of the above.  No way! I mean, no way I can write them down if I have not experienced the red-hot guilt of any of them.  Facebook is a social network, after all.  Whatever mistakes we do in real life, we can’t help it sometimes…we can do them online too.

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